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I'm Sammi, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a passion for empowering women like you to lead vibrant, healthy lives. Whether you're a dedicated business owner or a loving stay-at-home mum, I understand the unique challenges and demands that come with juggling family, work, and personal wellness.

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A Fitness Enthusiast

Throughout my teenage years and in to my twenties I ran. Ten kilometre road races were my forte and there was rarely a day I didn’t hit the streets for a jog. Even if I was out partying the night before, I made sure to get a run in. As expected (in full retrospect!) this took its toll on my body, and that’s when I returned to the mat to reignite my passion for yoga and pilates. With this I also began to spend more time in the ocean again, surfing and I truly believe that these activities helped achieve the balance within my body and my mind, that was missing in my twenties.

My first pregnancy left me confused around what and how I should exercise. I was fed up with all of the contradicting pieces of advice I was receiving, so I decided to complete a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness course so I could fully understand where I stood. This led me to teaching a small group fitness class each week with some like-minded women. This is when I discovered my passion for helping others understand concepts of holistic movement. I still teach a weekly group fitness classes outdoors, under the trees and it is a highlight of my week. I truly believe that physical activity is a key component of overall well-being and I’m here to help you find joy in movement, no matter your fitness level or schedule.

A Science-Driven Approach

My journey began in the world of science, with a background in applied science, biology, and chemistry. Following four years of diving deep into the depths of biology and chemistry at university, I went on to share my passion for knowledge as a dedicated high school science teacher. This academic foundation has equipped me with a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the human body, and I bring this knowledge to the forefront of my health coaching practice.

Samantha Farrar Health lifestyle
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The Integrative Health Journey

My path led me from teaching, and then to the pharmaceutical industry for a number of years. But before I lose you, hear me out.. my role simply changed from teaching teenagers the intricacies of human anatomy and body systems, to teaching doctors about the intricacies of prescription medications and diseases states. 
Theres no denying that I learnt so much during this time, but what particularly stuck with me was the fact that the whole medical system was all about offering bandaid solutions and not preventative practices. I am grateful to say is in my past, as it led me to where I am today.  Thanks to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I now offer high quality coaching services and customised health solutions within the “preventative” space, backed with a strong science background and special interest in hormone and gut health.

A Mother of Three

Like many of you, I wear the cherished title of “mum.” I’m a mother of three, and I understand the beautiful chaos and endless love that comes with it. It’s no easy feat, and I totally get that time and energy is often the last thing you have at your dispense. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! Even though parenthood can shake your life up and turn everything upside down, it can help you recognise priorities. Parenthood helped me prioritise my own commitment to my health and happiness, and to be the best role-model I could be for my own children. This is something that I’m passionate about sharing with others too.

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My Approach

Creating balance in your life is not about adding more tasks to your to-do list; it’s about finding harmony and fulfillment in all areas. Through my coaching, I will guide and support you in discovering what balance means to you and help you align your actions with your vision for a fulfilling life.

Your well-being is the single most valuable thing in the world, and when you prioritise your wellbeing, you become the best version of yourself. Imagine having the freedom to show up for yourself every single day. In helping you achieve this state of being I am helping you become successful in every aspect of your life. Contact me today, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together, finding sustainable solutions that will enhance your health, happiness, and success. Lets do this!!!

Sammi x

Uni of Tas

Bach App Sci

Southern Cross Uni

Bach App Sci
(First Class)

Southern Cross Uni

Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)

Uni of QLD

Medicines Australia CEP

Onfit Training College

Cert III and IV
Fitness Trainer


Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Hormone Health

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